New National Savings App Already a Hit in the Grocery Aisle

Montreal, Quebec (October 30, 2014) – Quebec-based digital entrepreneurs Eduardo Mandri and Jerome Guidollet announced today the national launch of Zweet, a new app designed to replace cumbersome grocery coupons.

Founders of, Canada’s second-largest group-buying website, Mandri and Guidollet aim to revolutionize the way food manufacturers promote their products.

The annoyance of weekly flyers and grocery store line-ups while shoppers look for their 50-cent-off coupon (which they dutifully clipped and sorted) are all things of the past. Instead, shoppers can merely snap a shot of their receipt, upload to Zweet’s mobile app and see savings accumulate in their account within 24 hours!

“We are very excited to announce the official launch of Zweet,” says Zweet CEO Eduardo Mandri. “The feedback we have been receiving in our beta test from both consumers and companies has been phenomenal. It’s what keeps us motivated to continue bringing more and more amazing deals to Canadians.”

The app, available for both Apple and Android users, was quietly released in beta mode in April, 2014. After only a few weeks, it became the number one app in the Lifestyle section. In just six months and with practically no promotion, the app has already been installed by over 250,000 users across Canada. Zweet is also available in French – making it the only application of its kind available in Quebec – for truly national coverage. Companies such as Danone, Mondelēz, L’Oréal, Frito-Lay and Pfizer have already been featured on Zweet, with many more brands coming on board every day.

Consumers love Zweet because everything happens within the app. They simply go to their favourite store, open the app, see what’s on sale, buy the products and upload their receipt to get immediate cash back savings.

Manufacturers find Zweet a novel way to promote their brands giving them direct access to consumers. Redemption rates are extremely high and real-time information on consumer behaviour and demographics is literally at their fingertips to acquire.

What Is Zweet?

  • Zweet is a free mobile app that provides consumers with an easy way to get exclusive and instant cash back offers. No more clipping coupons and keeping people behind you waiting in line at the store.
  • Consumers learn about offers via Zweet’s weekly email or by browsing the Zweet app. Discounts span everything from cereal, milk and packaged goods to fruits and vegetables, as Zweet cares about consumers’ health as well as their pockets.
  • Shoppers can buy the products they need at their favourite store. They then upload a picture of their receipt using the Zweet app and check off the weekly offers they are claiming.
  • Zweet then reads the receipt to confirm the claimed items were purchased and users get cash back in their account. As soon as they hit the $20 mark, they can request to have a cheque mailed.
  • While saving on their groceries, consumers can also accumulate Zweet points for each product claimed and other actions they perform within the app. Zweet will soon reveal how these points can be redeemed.
  • Best Managed Company:

    The entrepreneurs behind Zweet are the founders of (, the largest and most successful group-buying website in Quebec and the second largest in Canada. The Daily Deal Association of Canada recently reported that Tuango is one of the best managed companies in the Online Deal industry. Tuango’s co-founders and co-CEOs, Eduardo Mandri and Jerome Guidollet, were the winners of the 2013 Quebec Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

    Since its launch in June, 2010, Tuango has sold over three million coupons, representing more than $130 million dollars in consumer savings. The combined Tuango and Zweet properties now give Consumer Packaged Goods companies across Canada access to over 1.3 million Canadians.

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