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Timhortons en

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Some of these offers are exclusive to specific regions (provinces).
Please check your App and review the offer's details for any restrictions and requirements that may apply.
Dairy calcium
$0.25 CADAny Cheese
A buy 2 wernli cookies
$1.75 CADBuy two (2) boxes of Wernli Cookies
Vicenzi a
$0.75 CADVicenzi Cookies
St michel a
$0.75 CADSt-Michel Cookies
Julesdestrooper a
$1.75 CADBuy two (2) Jules Destrooper cookies
A hot cchiken en
$0.25 CADCordon Bleu Gravy 398ml *Selected flavours
Buy 2 haiku rice cut noodles
$1.50 CADBuy two (2) Haiku Rice Cut noodles
A haiku boissons
$1.50 CADBuy two (2) Haiku Coconut Water and Aloe Vera & Peach Juice
A espresso lavica one box    italiano
$0.50 CADLavica espresso capsules compatible with Nespresso: 1 box of 10
A espresso lavica bunddle
$5.00 CADLavica espresso capsules compatible with Nespresso: 6 boxes of 10

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